Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters have been the cause for major roadblocks in societal development throughout history. Even evolutionary history has been interrupted with the mass extinction of dinosaurs. Although past disasters reign in the minds of all people, one must always consider if the worst is yet to come.

San Andreas Fault The San Andreas Fault is located in California heading northwest for 1000 km. The fault marks the boundary of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates. Earthquakes were common due to the fact that the plates were moving past one another. But the fault is stuck. Rooted under the crust of the earth, the plates cannot move and therefore cannot release tectonic and geological stress. As time passes, the amount of pressure builds. An eventual earthquake is inevitable. When the earthquake hits, the Richter scale will record it as one of the most destructive in recorded history. Since most of California is a jungle of towering buildings, the death count is unimaginable.

Evacuation is not an option considered by the American and Canadian governments who strive to develop safety precautions in order to preserve what will be left after the earthquake. Living outside the San Andreas danger zone can insure safety. A personal disaster kit can protect you from fires, and injuries acquired during the disaster.

Tsunami In association with the San Andreas Fault earthquake, a major tsunami is likely to be produced. Created along the Pacific coast of North America, the tsunami would make its way across the ocean exceeding speeds of 800 Km/h. It would rise above 20 meters when reaching land, probably striking Japan. This ‘harbor wave’ might just be the final disaster to hit this catastrophe stricken country. The tsunami might finally do what so many natural disasters and monsters have tried to do in the past…destroy Tokyo.