Natural Disasters

Essay by sahiltrehan October 2014

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There are no "natural disasters"- only inadequately planned human settlements. (J&K floods related column)

Teacher is discussing the topic of eruption of Mt.Vesuvius and how a volcanic eruption completely destroyed the Pompeii in early Christian era and the class is looking thrilled. The topic proceeds and often the mention is made of Mt. Tambora's volcanic eruption in Indonesia in the year 1815 that left a mark in the history of many nations. Our loving Sun; the ultimate source of energy, didn't greet us with Good Mornings as the whole of atmosphere was wrapped up by volcanic remains. With snow falling in summer, it gave the world "year without summer". Due to climatological variations caused by it and crop failure at large scale, we in modern world came to a realization what havoc our mother earth can wreck. Mother earth has at many instances vent out her anger, for good or bad, that can be debated, but the outcomes were shocking for her sons and daughters.

No nation how mighty it may be has been spared from the temper of the mother. And she re-affirms us not to meddle with her household, for she created it for our very own benefit.

India engaging in at global level with RIO+20 and emphasizing upon the need towards the Sustainable Development, should be bookmarked with strengthening efforts back at home to address the issues of human vulnerability towards the natural disasters. And how easily these disasters can give fillip to our whole notion of development. When India recognized the need for sustainable development it became quintessential for her to incorporate compulsorily in all the development plans, a framework for disaster mitigation. Development on its face is a fascinating word, but the dimensions of development in the century gone and the current century...