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The Natural Law Party         America the land of the "Greatest" democracy has known to man. The land of equal opportunity, constitutions built on debate, and were a three party system can in fact consist of over ten different political groups. There are the Democrats in party one, Republicans in party two, and any and everyone else who do not consider themselves apart of parties one and two. The third party I chose to explore and bring to the forefront is the "Natural Law Party".

        The Natural Law Party was formed in Great Britain on March 15th 1992, in response to widespread dissatisfaction with the existing political parties and to bring innovative, scientifically proven solutions to the nation's problems. The party fielded candidates for 310 seats in the 1992 general election, receiving 0.4% of the vote in the constituencies it contested. The "Natural Law Party" was founded to offer "we the American people" the "new found light of science proven programs to improving government and politics, and a transindental approach to improving society".

Dr. John Hagelin, presidential candidate for the United States, and looked at by many as a Nobel Peace prizewinner of the near future. The NLP tries to incorporate scientist instead of economist to find solutions to the on going battles of the economy, national crisis, local, and individual conflicts. The vast majority of the Natural Law Party believes in order to deal with National you have to improve the community, and to improve the community, you have to improve the individual. They also feel problems of "world peace can only begin at its basic level. When the people are in tune with natural law the community no longer violates the laws of nature"¦" They promote the thought of when in tune with the natural laws it can substantially reduce stress with in the individual which reduces stress in the broader picture. Transindental meditation is also a key factor in the basis of this organization. "Choose ways of healing the world that help to heal yourself, and consciously set aside time to heal yourself as well." They feel that society is a MacroPerson, and a single individual is considered a Micro-society. A society more just, more peaceful, makes it easier for individuals to do the prayer and meditation that makes them whole. People who have faced their hidden sides and cleaned out much of the rage they have gained from past mistreatment are more likely to heal society. This can be achieved by relinquishing total control over each individuals physical surroundings. Once that occurs the person gains individual peace and control instead of constantly trying to win dominion over others. That also means withdrawing any military powers, to leave society with a feel of ease, and other countries with a relief of intemidation.

One of many major issues recognized by the "Natural Law Party", and the majority of all other parties is Health Care. The "Natural Law Party" feels Democrats and Republicans only focus on disease care instead of health care and they worry more about saving money by streamlining and down sizing the system, instead of improving "health". NLP wants to promote prevention oriented health ed., and natural medicine, which they feel, will create healthier citizens, which will also reduce health cost by 50 to 70%. Another issue the NLP has a strong view on is "Minorities and Women".

NLP feels in recent years due to a much-focused democracy, minorities and women have been compromised for the sake of the majority. This is mainly because the two major partys seem to leave out minorites and women with in their cabinites, yet they all act like vultures for their votes. This is because society has been based on the limited principle of "man"-made law, which doesn't nourish everyone belonging to that society. So until all segments of society is fulfilled expect an increase in stress and frustration which leads to greater crimes, sickness, and other problems with in society also inhibiting solutions to the national level. So an increased participation in government by women and minorities will bring strength and balance, which is why a third of candidates running from NLP are women or of a "minority".

        Dr. Hagelin the parties' nominee for candidacy in the past three presidential elections is a world renowned quantum physicist and educator. He has worked for the past fifteen years to introduce government cost effective, prevention-oriented scientific based solutions to Americas pressing problems. NLP focuses on the scientific community, minorities, women, and students (whom are in great numbers but tend to have the lowest voter turnout, which if invoked could bring great chance to this party). The vast majority of their votes are received from people who are tired of our own government constantly fighting, these individuals are seeking an "All Party Government" which is also a goal for the NLP, which reduces conflict amongst us as a people.

        This is an interesting party from the approach they are trying to take to solve many of America's problems. Yet, the issues in which they are trying to tackle, science alone would probably have the least amount of influence for a positive change. "We the people" all know that the economy, money, and jobs are the basis for all issues whether local or abroad, and coming up with a solution to benefit everyone is more or less the focal point of America today from which science like all other solutions are mere speculations. But, it is good to support or at least open your mind to third parties to hear something new or a change of approach. These third parties raise eyebrows and bring things to the table which have never been tried yet have just as much chance of working as does the current proposals. So a great applause to a party who seems unique by not only understanding the Natural Law principle, but also come up with programmes to help society at its most fundamental level. This also improves the quality of life of the people, and at the same time raising the level of economic prosperity.