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Nature And God Are One Provide Argument For Agreement Or Disagreement

For a while now, I've been thinking of the idea that god and nature are one. In my eyes, nature is everything. Birth, death, youth, age, light, dark, pain, pleasure, disease, destruction, beauty, etc. Being so, it is "all-powerful" and identical to what I view could be "god". It seems logical in my opinion, except one thing. Nature and God are one. Nature is the vesture of God. This is what we call Maya in Indian philosophy. This vesture is between god and man. When this vesture is removed then God and man are one. Therefore, the force, conscious and unconscious is one powerful energy force. However, it is in our thinking that we differentiate. As far as theology and spirituality are concerned, I've never been one to feel comfortable with stating that what I believe is the truth and everyone else is wrong (unlike many of today's beliefs and religions).

I seem to be in a continuous thought process of "what if". The concept of god is really just personifying the balance of nature. It is all powerful because nature rules our lives (rain for crops, oxygen for breathing, etc) and if we fall out of balance (pollution, over-population, etc), then nature tries to maintain the balance (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc). These things are all inter-related, but not conscious. Every action has an opposite and opposed reaction. That's balance. All religions are based on this, but human ego is what twists it into dogma and ideology.

God Is Different Entity

Absolutely, positively NOT that God and nature are one. God is the Creator. Nature is the created. These are definitely 2 separate things. Most people who believe in a god contend...