Nature Of Conflict

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Nature of conflict: Kitty Stiletto is a prostitute. Dollar Dinero is a pimp. Kitty has been working for Dollar for two years. In the current arrangement, Mr. Dinero takes a sixty per cent cut of Miss Stiletto’s earnings. In return, he provides her with security protection, arranges meetings with clients, handles payment collections, and supplies finances for legal expenses; i.e. bail bonds. Kitty feels as though she is being taken advantage of. It is her belief that she has to sacrifice more than he does, so she should be entitled to more than half of the income. Dollar feels like sixty percent is justified. He knows that Kitty needs his services, and finding someone she can trust to take his place could be a dangerous proposition. He also feels that she does not understand the daily risk to life and limb that he must overcome to provide his services. Kitty has expressed to Dollar that she wants a larger cut of the take, and that she feels taken advantage of.

Dollar is outraged, he feels unappreciated.

Perceived incompatible goals:         Kitty wants to turn the ratio around to her favor. She feels that she deserves more money for her role in the arrangement. Dollar is not willing to accept a cut in his share of the profits, if anything he would like to take a bigger percentage. He feels as though he absorbs more of the expenses of the operation, and therefore cannot afford to lower his income.

Perceived Scarce Rewards/ Resources:         Each individual’s perception is that they are not getting as much money and respect, as they deserve. Dollar does not think that Kitty understands how much work and money it takes to be a good pimp. Keeping up appearances with gilded Cadillac, and fur- lined fedoras, are costly endeavors to say the least. He feels that he needs all the money he gets to maintain his image and reputation. Kitty constantly has to buy flattering garments, and maintain appearances of her own. She feels that she is not receiving enough compensation for her efforts.

Interdependence:         Kitty knows that Dollar is not going to give in easily. She must convince him that she is entitled to more than forty percent, or she will lose his respect, and her self- respect. Dollar knows that she is not going to give up until he shows her that he is willing to compromise. For their relationship to continue to work, they must come to an agreement.