Nature in God

Essay by leonard88 January 2007

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In the midnight air, I gazed upon the celestial sky, While the bright, full moon shines to light the dark, spacious night. The twinkling, little, precious stars made me smile And wonder of how great this Creator of yours and mine.

The soft, aroma of Mother Nature reminds me Of the undeserved grace and mercy He gave. He is the most kind and merciful Father truly. It is through His begotten Son we are saved.

The music of the wind talks to me in the distance, Thus making me realized the emotion of His love. The swift wind and the silver mist took me for a dance Then white angels looked at me from above.

The pale, green leaves are beneath my feet. Calmly, I lie down to its pillow softness. I was reminisced by my memories, Then thanked God for the countless blessings.

Raindrops are now falling from the sky, As if the earth's crying because of sadness.

Tears then slowly fall from my eyes, Because seeing how cruel the world is.

But one things for sure despite the horror, God's always here beginning 'til end. Let's have faith and Him, we honor, Coz He is our Father, Brother, and forever a Friend.