The Nature of the Jurors of 12 Angry Men

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To place multiple men in a room to decide the fate over a criminal can lead to many biases being expressed in means to back up one's opinion on the case. The personal predilections & biases made by some individuals who happen to be part of a jury can ultimately either place an innocent man in jail or let a guilty man run free. The Reginald Rose play Twelve Angry Men shows just how dangerous it is for jurors to bring their personal agendas to the table through the bigoted biases of Juror 10 and the hatred of kids through Juror 3. However, besides the famed Juror 8, two other jurors for lack of a better term "neutralize" the jury room situation taking place in the play with their non-biased opinions of the case. The old and hopeless Juror 9 and the European refugee Juror 11 stand as voices of reason along with Juror 8, as well as provide different perspective to the case through their experiences.

Both men had lived more unique lives than the other jurors, such as how J9 is 90 and J11 grew up in… Soviyugoslavbania… it's never specified, really. Point is, both offer differing strategies due to their preference in the case, their integrity to it, and their experience.

Although feeling as he's ready to die, Juror 9 tries his best in this jury room to make sure another man doesn't. As specified by the character descriptions, he's seen as a hopeless-on-life old man, which can be seen through the text. He seems quiet until he has to speak up, whether he would be asked to speak or if someone starts speaking hate or bigotry. He seems sincere about seeing the case through given that the punishment, if seen guilty, is death. He's the first...