Nature of Logic and Perception Paper

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Logic and critical thinking play a large role in our perception with the way we choose to live, the way our opinions and thoughts are formed, and they way we make our decisions. There can be more than one solution to a problem or task and critical thinking helps us look at the options we have and decide which choice would be the best solution. By critically thinking, we are processing the solutions and eliminating the solutions what may not work as well as the others. We use critical thinking everyday, in our personal lives and work life.

Critical thinking is a more detailed way of thinking than a regular thought process.“Critical thinking is a manner of thinking that moves from the general to specific, ever narrowing the focus until the logic of both the questions and arguments come to the same conclusion” (Beginners Guide Staff, 2005). When we know that there are many answers to a solution but we do not know which is best we use critical thinking to analyze the solutions to decide what would be the best choice.

For example, if we wanted to put siding on a house we would have many choices to choose from, wood, plastic, and stucco. We would then have to decide what would work best for the type of house we were working with. We would look at the pros and cons of each type of siding and come to a conclusion of what we would use. This is a simplified example of critical thinking.

There are many different types of logic that we all use from time to time. Logic is often described as the study of arguments. Logic can involve math, prediction and deductive reasoning. For me, deductive reasoning is the method I use the most when I...