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        The first thing I learned was about the religious mind and scientific mind. The scientific mind is more of a mind, which focuses on the directive paths. The scientific will find all the reasons with something have taken place or will take place. The scientific mind will see life situations through a textbook point of view. Like a policeman or a detective they both will focus on what is practical and won't consider that a decision can be made freely. Most authorities of that nature figure through a cause and effect method. So when someone commits a crime the primary focus is why the person did it. The only options that come to mind are all set thoughts according to the past, which is a scientific approach. For example a detective will say that someone committed a crime because they were poor, or a jealous person, or they had a premeditated motive.

        The opposite mind set that I read about was the religious, which Kristnamurti referred to as a mind with no direction. A religious mind is a free mind I believe or a mind, which has no boundaries. A religious mind could be thoughts persuaded by religion and all religions have some kind of differences. If someone believes that a person can't or shouldn't take certain actions sometimes religion has everything to do with the shaping of that persons opinion. I believe that a religious mind is not really free because there still might be some sort of religious boundaries. For example it is against the law to smoke marijuana, people in our society do it anyway thinking freely as they do so. Certain religions state that using any form of drugs or alcohol is not right at all. Some people...