The Nature of Nurture.

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Our global village is gradually increasing its capacity in an unconscious way. People living in this modern world no longer have the privilege to possess any objective or subjective thing larger than that which fits within one's own private space. However, some people, especially those with overwhelming power and renowned fame, still believe in the theory of "survival of the fittest" through the capitalistic system; they spread their influence to those who have limited strength and feeble minds as easily as they might blow away dust. It is so ridiculous that people have desired to take control over the biological world, but they are bullying and humiliating those around them for various purposes. If every individual could help others, especially for the privileged to aid the poor, they would create more opportunities and mutually benefit the life they all desire.

It is no doubt that the United States is the strongest and most influential country on earth, it is also one of the most reactive members that assists the underdeveloped countries to have well and healthy living, and promotes the necessity of the maintenance of the original global appearance.

The United States, which becomes the current status through originally taking advantage of global resources out of Mother Nature, with sufficient financial budgets and well-known identity, believes that it is essential for competent countries to support the underprivileged nations because they should know the reason of give-and -take. They derive almost natural resources since they have more ability and power to access; meanwhile, they have to consider that the powerless nations have less chance to do so. It is reasonable for them to share supportive and substantial supply with the poor.

Another unreasonable issue, the deterioration of Mother Nature by privileged people, definitely needs to be examined closely. Even though people...