Nature vs. Nurture

Essay by xxveron November 2006

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Nature versus Nurture has been a typical controversial topic that has had experts in a puzzle for more than centuries. Till this day, there is still no clear answer to the dispute; yet there are many theories in relation to this topic. Both sides of this issue have been investigated thoroughly by researchers. The purpose of this essay is to prove that the religious ability of a person is decided by his environment, along with genetics, which affects it more. Every child is born and raised into a specific religion. Parents will raise the child under the guidance of a certain religion; the religion the child is born into will last with them forever, parents guide the child to the religion that is most beneficial.

Parents will guide their child under the guidance of a religion. This means that the religion the parents were once taught as a child will be the religion passed on and taught to their children.

Every one person believes that their beliefs are reality and anything else is simply untrue. Culture has a great influence which by default instills a "natural" belief that their chosen religion could be nothing more than realty. Case in point, the majority of the population in Iran is Islam. It is their belief that their religion is the only truth. Nature in this culture supports that Ala is "God" and that their teachings are next to no other. Europeans, for the most part are Catholics. Their support system instills that it is natural that the Catholic teachings of the bible are second to none. Generally speaking, parents teach their children what they know is right. Does this make it right? Not necessarily, however, we all know what we know and nothing else.

Parents teach religion to their children for several...