Nature VS Nurture

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What part, nurture or nature, defines us as a person, an individual? This debate has been going on for years. No one has been able to prove which side does. We do not know what side of ourselves is determined by our DNA or by our environment or experiences.

Nurture can be defined as our exposure to certain things or our ability to learn. It has been said that what happens in our younger years determines who we become. If we are exposed to more learning in childhood, even though we may not fully understand what is being said to us, we are absorbing the knowledge, therefore making us smarter. The brain continues to grow till we are about twenty years of age, so education is important from as early on as possible. Spending time with your child also plays a role. The more time you spend with them, making them smile and giving them love, helps define them as a happier adult.

Nurturing them as much as you can makes them more outgoing and not a depressed adult. Studies on monkeys helped to prove this theory. A monkey that was loved and had parents turned out better than one who's mother ignored it. Attachments in childhood to parents is similar to when we are adults. For example, when we are in love. The bond that we shared with our parents is the same as the one that we share with our partner.

Nature is said to be in our genes, the traits that we exhibit. A person is the way they are due to their genetic makeup. Like our eye color, hair color, size. Twin studies prove that we are born with more traits than we think. Two twins that were separated at birth, reunited some thirty years later...