Nature vs. Nurture. A Comprehensive Evaluation

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There is much controversy in respect to the theory of how human development can be effect by one's environment versus their biological predisposition. Thephase "Nature vs. Nurture" has been debated for many years by Psychologist and Biologist alike. Professionals in the field have energetically argued the ideas associated to the root of ones personality traits i.e.; shyness, sexual orientation or intelligence. Both sides have valid and well documented basis for their beliefs but fail to perpetuate independently given the the most recent scientific findings. Recent research has shown that there is reason to believe that in fact both ideologies have a direct impact on lifelong human development.

Supporters of the nurture theory believe that an individual is largely effected by their interpersonal relationship, usually with primary care-taker. They support the idea that each person is shaped by the environment that they are born into. Philosopher who subscribe to this theory, deduces every person is a direct product of the environment that they grew up in.

For instance, if someone grew up in a violent or abusive household is is most likely that he/she will also be aggressive as an adult.

I have worked with individuals who have been abused as children and have found that a large percent of them have some adverse affect of their upbring. The type of the influence can come in a myriad of outcomes from positive to life threatening. On the other hand, the parents who were raised these individuals may have been dealing with an undiagnosed mental illness or substance abuse issue. In many circumstances they are dealing with a genetic and environmental component to the issues they are currently dealing with. It is difficult to be helpful in this situation because it's nearly impossible to decipher the source problem.

Many Social Psychologist who...