Nature vs. Nuture

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This is about the debate between nature vs. nurture. Meaning, whether or not nurture is the reason we are the way we are, or if it is because of of nature. This is a very well known debate-Throughout History, philosophers and scientist have debated the role of biology in determining who we are, as people. This discussion is often called the "Nature vs. Nurture Debate".Explain both sides of this debate. According to this debate,which do you think is more important, nature or nurture? Provide evidence to support you answer.

Did your natural parents or your legal guardians ever physically or mentally abuse you as a child? Consequently, were you extraordinarily loved and showered with confidence, encouragement and attention by your creators and loved ones? Or rather, do your childhood memories lie somewhere in the middle of these two scenarios? If so, which side to they lean closer to? You might be wondering why I would ponder such a thing about an individual such as yourself, but there is actually logic to what I am questioning.

With an open mind and a listening ear, you too will see the logic in what I am about to say. For starters, some people think that you are unchangeably born into the person you are going to be when you are a full-fledged adult. Meaning, they feel that nothing or no one can change the outcome of the person you will be and how you will interact with people and world around you. That statement, also known as the "Nature Debate", is undoubtedly false to me. I believe in something of a different nature; the "Nurture Debate". The individual will decide or turn into the person they will become as a intelligent adult, with deep influences by the way they were brought up, their...