Navajo Women

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Navajo Women The essay I read for this assignment researches interviews that were conducted of the personal experiences and histories of Navajo women during different eras of this century. The research subjects were encouraged to elaborate about experiences such as families, school environments and with related issues to employment. Such questions about the meaning of their identities as Indian women or Navajo women were included.

I still feel that the Navajo women born after the civil rights movement had a less difficult time dealing with the belief system that being of an American Indian identity meant the person was devalued or lower than Anglos. I feel that during and after the civil rights movement, being of Navajo identity became socially acceptable, and eliminated the idea that being of Navajo identity was being lower than other identities became a politically correct forum. My peers and I agreed that society has become more relaxed, and easygoing in these times, than any other era in this century.

The Navajo identities of women today are strong. These women of today’s standards are ready to stand up for their beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Any other eras in this century were laced with bigotry and bias views that corrupted society and made people that should have been viewed as individuals, instead of devalued and lower than Anglos.