La Navidad

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La Navidad Dec 5, 1492 was the day that the Spaniards arrived to our land. They had brought with them many things one of them was a shiny object that when I touched I got cut. We were surprised when they came we had never seen nothing like them. They were white we referred as them as gods that came to us. We offered them a place to live until they would leave and food to eat. Later on they saw we had some gold ornaments and asked us if we had more. We told them yes and showed them where we had gotten it from. They had gotten really happy because of the gold. Christopher Columbus left Jan 2, 1493 and he took with him some of our men and left behind forty of his men to live in our land. He had told us that he would be back with more men.

They had built the fort from what was left from one of the boats. They called there new home “La Navidad” after a while the Spaniards were getting to comfortable. They would come everyday for food and they would eat like pigs. We had told them to help us gather the food. To work with us but they said no that that’s why we were around to be there slaves. We couldn’t take this any more them taking all that we owned our food and woman. We have stopped giving the Spaniards food because we didn’t have enough food. They have stayed in our land for far too long. I remember that dreadful day that the Spaniards step into our land and brought with them all this evilness. But we were too blind to see that they were not gods that would bring us happiness but destruction. They wanted to take over our tribe for us to be their slaves. They wanted our women to do what they would please. When we stopped giving food the Spaniards got so mad that they killed our chief and some of our people. That’s when I took the roll of chief. Then they left and told us that we had to have their food ready for tomorrow. They left and probably felt powerful because of what they had done, but what they didn’t know was that we were not going to leave this alone. I couldn’t let my people become slaves. I rounded up about 50 to 60 men. To fight the Spaniards but we decided to wait till the next day because today they probably were expecting something. We did what they wanted we gave them food. We had given them double what they wanted it would be probably be their last meal. That day we decided to attack at night because we world have the element of surprise. I told the tribe to be quite because we didn’t want to alarm the Spaniards. It was time for vengeance we went and sneaked into the navidad. We started cutting the throats of the guys that we were sleeping and with our arrows we killed the rest. Some put up a fight but soon they were out numbered. The few of my men that were still standing started digging a hole in the ground. We then threw the evil Spaniards in the hole. That’s where they deserved to be. We then went back to our village to rest. In the mourning a native from another tribe was telling all the tribes that the white men were near. I told all to gather all they could because Columbus was near and he has weapons that we couldn’t fight against. We then burned our village to seem that we all died in the fire or just that something tragic had happened. We gathered all that we could and headed to the mountains. In my head I was thinking of the consequences of us killing the white people but what would have happened if we didn’t kill them. All I can say is that I hope the Spaniards get intimidated by the massive grave that we left behind. I hope that is enough for them to leave us alone and let us be.