Navigation, Look and Feel Paper: Three Beauty and Cosmetics web sites.

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Images of beautiful people are everywhere. Beautiful models sell everything in the marketing industry from food to cars. With popular demand for each individual to look their best, the beauty and cosmetic industry is booming. Many consumers look to the Internet for the next big product that will bring them a desired look. (Welch, 2004) This paper will detail three Beauty and Cosmetics web sites (,, Comparing and contrasting the look feel and ease of navigation of each site.


Looking back in time and seeing how the world is today, the Internet has taken over many markets by advertising through the Internet. One of the many industries being advertised is the beauty and cosmetic market. This industry has evolved, the need continues grow daily. The competition is on the rise with developing a web site that will have that "look" to lure you in. The businesses and consumers are all about shopping on line and getting out the necessary advertisement to market their products.

Many people today are shopping the Internet to save time and money. When reviewing beauty products on-line the consumer needs to gain an interest in how those products will look as well as the quality of the product. Showing the product off at best is the way to capture the consumer's interest. When comparing the look of our selected web sites, there were a few similarities with each one. The and the sites both had great color and an easy layout to follow. The dynamics of the site had moving cosmetics to keep your interest of what was new and fresh. The site was nice in color and had great interaction when the site was launched. Keeping the consumer focused on what the product is about. In contrast the...