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                The Navigator                                                                                                 Aaron Bernardi         The navigator is a useful tool that has made sawing a different story all together. This revolutionary tool has been crafted to make sawing with a hand saw a thing of the past. The Navigator is a 2 in 1 saw it goes from a power handsaw to a jig saw for those difficult cuts. Made by Black and Decker so it is guaranteed to be a useful and dependable tool. This tool would cut down the work load on the job because it can cut faster than by hand and also used as a jig saw.

                My first opinion on the saw was that it would be faster than cutting wood by hand. After going to Home Depot and seeing the saw and how fast it moves it would be ten times faster.

Also it can cut out difficult shapes with the jig saw capabilities. I would give this tool a rating of 9-10 overall rating.

Points "¢         abPowerful 3.4A, 0-6,500 SPM motor for controlled cuts in wood, plastic, and metal "¢         ab2 tools in 1: Easily converts from Powered Hand Saw to Jig Saw "¢         abIncludes 3 blades - Large capacity wood cutting blade, metal cutting blade, and curved cutting blade - for a variety of applications                         "¢         abCompact design with contoured handle and soft grip for added comfort and control "¢         abPatented tool free blade change for quick and easy blade change Specifications "¢         abStrokes/Min 0-6,500 spm         "¢         abStroke Length 3/8" " "¢         abAmps 3.4 Amps