Navy bootcamp and how it has reflected me

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October 31, 2004

Short Response #1 Draft 2

I had lived throughout California during my entire life, entering the boot camp for the military had diffidently been an experience for myself and many of my peers. I have always been one to take care of myself and nobody else. Kind of selfish in a way not to think about other peoples feelings and thoughts. I left my parents house as a sophomore in high school, so the only thing that I had known is to just deal with my problems as they occur.

Well, boot camp had changed my way of thinking. I had to now take care and aid with the help of 82 other people, now considered as my family. My usage of using the bathroom and being free of my body while taking and sharing the a bathroom with 82 people sometimes more than 20 people at one-time.

This was a complete shock for me as I had to teach myself and others that in order to get through with this we all had to cooperate with each other. Dealing with other people feelings and problems had now became a regular day base.

Many of my peers were fresh out of high school, in which I had already attended some college and had already graduated from high school awhile before. Dealing with how some of them needed to be babied in a way because they had lived with their parents the majority of their life. Having to deal with so many different people from so many different sides of the country was a complete culture shock as well. You begin to wonder how just 300 miles from another person their life style and the way that they talk is so much different from yours. But now you...