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During war world 2 millions Jews, gypsies and other EASTERN European people were held captive and were force into slave labor in the nazi industry in Germany. Since that time there has been reference to almost 90 billion dollar in restitution to certain people who survive the nazi regime, but there was no record of any of that money going toward compensation toward the people who were forced into slave labor to support the nazi war machine. There were many

Company who used slave labor many used all slave labor but for the most part 50 to 75% of the work force consisted of slave labor. Today there is a federal class lawsuit against Major Corporation who during the nazi regime used slave labor in their Germany factories such as Audi, Bmw, Daimler-Benz , Volkswagen and ford just to name a few of the big ones. There were also slaves being used by the company Bayer in testing new drug on slaves .

this also included infecting people with the virus then testing there drug on a person to see if they work. Slave workers at the ford plant which happen to be the only American factory that had not been token over by the nazi ( for the simple fact that hilter and ford werke happen to be good friends , so ford profited from this set-up a great deal. The slave were housed in small wooden huts that had no running water ,heat or storage. They were locked in the huts until it was time for work. The avage slave work as many as 7000 hours in a two year period in if they became sick or ther production drop they would be return to bucenwald the concentration camp were they would be killed. In 1938 ford began...