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        The question of Hitler is one that has been debated since the discovery of the Final Solution first arrived on the scene in Germany. German papers tried explaining who Hitler was and what he was there to do in newspaper articles. Rosenbaum and Lukacs both take looks at Hitler and try to explain the mythmaking behind who Hitler actually was, and what exactly drove him to do what he did, or was it not Hitler himself that perpetrated these horrendous acts such as the Holocaust, and his malicious mass murders of political figures. In this papers we will take a look at what role did Anti-Semitism play in Hitler's ideology according to Lukacs and Rosenbaum. As we find out the reason's for Hitler's anti-Semitist views, we will also see if we can help explain if this was something that was inherently wrong with Hitler himself, or if there is an underlying evil that may have caused these actions.

Helping people understand whether it was a problem that could happen to anyone, or if it was something that was uncontrollable.

        In Rosenbaum's book Explaining Hitler that if Hitler didn't rise up into power that the German culture would have made someone into one.1 In trying to explain what Hitler did we take a look at Western philosophy which says that Hitler didn't know what he was doing was evil or wrong but did what he did under the auspice of doing right under his own ignorance or delusion.2 Rosenbaum as a journalist tries to grab every theory and reason to try to explain Hitler. Rosenbaum tries to explain Hitler's anti-Semitist views, it's not something that is easily understandable because there are so many different examinations and theories on what he did or what was wrong with him. And because of these different...