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I am here representing one of the 22 organisations that stand as one, in the fight for Jewish compensation as a result of their treatment, prior and during World War Two, throughout the reign of the National Socialists.

It has bee seven years your honour since we all heard that wonderful announcement "The war is over." But yet many have never stopped to think of the effect that National Socialist wrongdoing had on our fellow Jewish civilians, and those of us who have thought never stopped to consider how these people should be compensated.

Once Hitler and the Nazis had gained control there was no stoping them:

-         It first began with small things; as Joseph Sher a Holocaust survivor recalls, as a school boy he could raise his hand all day, but no teacher would ever call on him.

-         Then as part of Hitler's racial policy Jews were forced to wear stars of David or armbands so they could be distinguished from everyone else.

Can you imagine the humiliation these people must have felt being separated from society like that?

-         Then their friends began to turn on them dur to Nazi propaganda and brain washing.

-         Hitler then completely separated the Jews from society by sending them to Ghettos, in the hope that they would die on their own, from disease and starvation, and many did die, however there were also many who survived.

-         So Hitler started his extermination process; at first using firing squads and the when that wasn't fast enough for him, he introduced death camps.


-         Hitler sent Jews to concentration camps and slave labour camps as well, there the Jews were forced to do the Germans dirty work, running the death camps and making German warfare.

There were...