Nazi Persecution of the Jews- before, and during the second world war.

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Hitler did insanely hate the Jews. This was mainly because in his years of poverty in Vienna, most of the successful businesses were run by Jews, he being unemployed and living in the streets for some years couldn't get a job, because the majority of Jews had the successful jobs. Also he blamed the Jews for the Defeat of Germany in WW1, even though there were Jews in the Germany fighting for Germany them selves, and sacrificing there lives, he still believed it was their fault and they were also the ones to blame for the 'Treaty of Versailles', so something had to be done about this. However he could not do anything until he had become Chancellor of Germany, he then began to put his anti-Semitic polices into place. Even though historians did not know what Hitler's 'long-term plan' was they did get a brief idea what he wanted to do.

To cease the existence of Jews and to create a pure master race, an 'Aryan race'.

Although the Jews were 1% of the population, they were accused of being the master's of Germany; the Nazis couldn't allow this, so they began to isolate all Jews from any normal activities within the society. Soon they began to boycott the Jews, however this did scare the Jews to immigrate, nonetheless this did not help the Nazis to achieve their goal, so something else had to be done. Soon the Nazis began to realize that the Jews had to be dealt differently, with caution. This was due to the fact that the Nazis imagined that the Jews had a secret plan to seize "world power".

Once Hitler did become chancellor of Germany, that's when most of the problems began to arouse, it was then when he began to put his Anti-Semitic...