Nazi Propaganda During WWII

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        A great number of propaganda techniques were used by the Nazi Party during the Second World War to influence many people. The man who was in charge of Nazi Germany's war propaganda was Dr. Joseph Goebbels. In the course of this paper, you will experience how Dr. Goebbels created a sense of nationalism amongst Germans, young and old.

        Joseph Goebbels led what is probably the most infamous propaganda campaign in history. On March 13, 1933, Hitler established the Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, of which Joseph Goebbels was appointed Minister. The purpose of the Ministry was 'to control the press as well as all other means of expression--radio, film, art, and literature' (Rhodes 11). A whole department of government was devoted solely to propaganda.

        According to Willi A. Boelcke, Joseph Goebbels' propaganda techniques boiled down to a few basic principles that he used to govern his campaign. To Goebbels, propaganda meant: '1) The art of simplification, the art of finding the most primitive arguments in popular terms because only such arguments would carry the necessary force to ensure the support of the masses; 2) The art of continuous repetition, of the unceasing driving home of theses, slogans and captions, not necessarily in the same words but certainly long enough until even the stupidest had grasped them; 3) The art of appealing solely to the instincts, the emotions, the feelings and the passions of the people, while never attempting what was hopeless from the outset--i.e.

trying to convince intellectuals by the use of rational arguments; 4) The art of reproducing facts with an air of objectivity but tediously colored by their selection and manner of reproduction; 5) The art of keeping silent about uncomfortable facts, unless, of course, the truth had reached the public in other ways; 6) The art...