Nazis Treatment of the Jews

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The conditions faced by the Jews in the concentration camps and ghettos of Poland and occupied Europe were horrific and disgusting. The Jews were treated like this because the Germans believed that they were biologically inferior to them and believed they were racial parasites.

The Jews were persecuted for many reasons; for one they didn't have a country to call their own so many people saw them as aliens to their country and did not welcome them. Many people also didn't like them because of their beliefs and some blamed them for the death of Christ and believed they were "Children of the Devil". The Nazis believed that if they killed off the Jews that they could create a type of super human race of Aryans by only breeding with people six foot tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Jewish persecution hadn't started with Hitler, Jews have been persecuted for hundreds of years.

In the middle ages at the time of the black plague Jews were blamed, the Christians believed that the Jews were poisoning the water. Others believed that God was punishing them because the Jews didn't believe that Jesus was the Son of God.

Confining Jews to ghettos was not the Nazi's idea. For centuries Jews had faced persecution, and were often forced to live in designated areas. At the commencement of WWII the Jews were told to leave their homes and possessions and then were moved to the ghetto where they were to live in small rooms that they shared with numerous people. Marian Pretzel in his book Portrait of a Young Forger states "The floor was bare, the dining table and chairs were gone, the wallpaper hung in rough strips. Cold air was blowing in from the kitchen." Page 55

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