Is Neat So Neat?

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Suzanne Britt, in an article called "Neat People vs. Sloppy People," writes about how sloppy people compare to neat people. She outlines the different behavior of both types of people and concludes that "neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people".

Sloppy people are not really sloppy; their sloppiness is merely the consequence of their extreme morality. Sloppy people have such high hopes that they can't be achieved in this world or the next. They make "someday" their profession. They plan on accomplishing everything someday. Because sloppy people have such high hopes, they never get neat. They aim too high and too wide. They save everything, planning someday to file, order, and straighten out the world. Sloppy people can't bear to part with anything so they pay attention to everything and get through reading every piece of paper while they attempt to straighten out their desk. Neat people on the other hand are bums and clods at heart and are very inconsiderate towards their possessions.

Neat people only want results; they don't care about process. Neat people throw everything away and keep nothing not even sentimental mementos. They are especially vicious with their mail and throw they read and reply promptly and then throw everything away. Neat people are extremely wasteful, they throw thing away just because they are too lazy to wash them. You can't borrow anything from neat people because everything worth borrowing has already been thrown away by them. In conclusion, neat people are so insensitive that they would get rid of anything, including their kids, to keep their house clean.