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Like many large technology companies, during the late eighties and early nineties, NEC looked to establish a research facility that would give back to the community and further NEC's technological strength. Like Xerox, NEC looked toward well-respected educational communities for the best location for that facility. Unlike Xerox's PARK facility, NEC chose a location close to its home office at the prestigious Princeton University. In addition to the close proximity of NEC's research facility NEC set guidelines and direction for the talent, they recruited from the surrounding research pools of Princeton's elite.

NEC set out to create a place for pure research and development that would focus on the basic core technologies of NEC's current business namely its computers and communication strategy that was the vision of the current CEO. Research scientists would work together with other colleagues from around the world in programs that would exchange talent for a period of a year and sometimes more.

Building on the successes and learning from the failures of other such ventures NEC wants to foster the perfect environment for staying ahead of the competition and boosting its public image in the global community. Expectation for the facility was set to produce viable technological advances in its second decade of operation.

I see the rebuilding of their marketing campaign in their global corporate statement "Empowered by Innovation" to help promote and strengthen the NEC brand. It is implemented across the entire worldwide NEC Group. They have come to realize the true value of intellectual assets in maintaining success in their current areas of business, and in fortifying our competitiveness in the global marketplace. They intend to place increased emphasis on the creation of intellectual assets, and formally registering and putting them into practice