"It is necessary to everyone to read poetry, novels, mythology and other types of imaginative literature"

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Imagination and creativity play's an important role in one's life. These not only enhance the morale but also clear the vision of the goal to achieve. I agree with the statement insofar it is necessary for everyone to read poetry, novel, mythology and other type of imaginative literature. Following are the reasons that strengthen my beliefs.

The first reason for my belief can be stated through the factious novel of Robert Kiosaky, named as "Rich Dad Poor Dad". The author advocates financial independence by means of investing in real estate, owning businesses and using finance protection strategies. The book highlights two different characters rich dad and poor dad, and their different attitudes towards money, work and life. It also compares what rich dad teaches their kids about money with the poor or middle class dad that do not. The most central element stressed by the author is to encourage people for starting entrepreneurship rather than being an employee of someone else.

It also stresses to become independent in terms of monetary and enjoy the life. This strengthens my belief of reading imaginatory novels.

The second reason for my belief can be extracted from a famous novel "Harry Potter" written by J K Rowling. The novel describes the presence of both the wicked and good power's in the world. It also highlights various facets of both the powers. At the end it conclude the win of the good powers over the bad one. This again strengthens my belief.

As compared to the other side of the statement, sometimes it's not necessary to read factious novels, as they will lead us to an imaginative world and its mere wastage of time. There are certain novels that are based on the true story that can be helpful in extracting the facts and faces...