A necessary evil

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Scene one (Our desires provide the means for our destruction)

To some I'm known as the merchant of death and to others the purveyor of all that is immoral. Personally I like to draw a comparison between myself and the devil, the only difference being, I wear a better suit. Yes I suppose you could blame me for all the death and destruction that exists in the world today, but please remember that I only represent your best interests. It's easy for you to sit back on your comfortable couch, pointing the finger at the criminal who just broke into that poor defenseless old lady's home, and to shake your head in disgust at the invasion of Iraq. What you may fail to realize, however, is that these acts are one in the same. When it comes down to it, it's all about taking something from someone else by what ever means necessary.

It's nothing new, in fact, it's the darker side of human nature. It's our past, present and future...

Scene Two (Past)

Our past leaders have primed us with examples of rape and pillage, which over time has lead to the extinction of Ideological warfare reducing it to nothing more than a bed time story used to soothe the conscience of society. Let's take a historical perspective.

The establishment of the Honourable East India Company in 1600 marked a new era of greed and sanctioned violence in the Asia pacific region, most notably annexing the Indian subcontinent, which quickly became the British Empire's largest source of revenue. With the aid of God, the King and just a tad of military might the British successfully acquired trading routes throughout Asia whilst at the same time 'anglicising' its people. No doubt, when the British arrived, the local populace celebrated being...