The necessity of a US census in todays world.

Essay by sodirtyB+, September 2003

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To say that a census is unimportant is a tad ignorant. Maybe you think it's unimportant because you don't realize how our nation would function differently without one. It means tax dollars for public programs get directed where they need to go! Do you think the politicians should just guess how much needs to be allocated to what? Of course not. None of us do. A census is required to determine the needs of a nation. The government employs statisticians to forecast future spending trends that in turn allow the government to make SOMEWHAT educated decisions in regards to economic policies geared for the long term. Political districts get remapped from the information provided by the census. Future town planning is directly related to census results. Not to mention the future generations and historians' gratefulness for such an extensive record. If the government failed to provide the right level of education/health services/police stations/fire stations/stoplights/etc in your area because they didn't know anything about who/how many people live there, you'd not be happy.

The census is not just about "poor people and minorities". It is a necessary process in which important information is gathered for the well-being of a nations people.