The Necklace

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She swallows and looked at Mme. Louisel with shock. All these years in poverty for nothing, she thought. Why didn’t she just tell her? Why did she have to try to fix the problem her self? Guy de Maupassant, the author of “The Necklace”, creates a wonderful story of how an ungrateful women fills her own life with unhappiness and embarrassment.

        Mathilde’s ungratefulness caused her to have a very unhappy life. She had many things in her life, such as a great house, and nice furniture. Through all the things she had Mathilde still wanted more. A better house, a butler, nicer furniture, small and stylish rooms, and a great reception hall are just a few of the things she wished she had. When her husband came home with an invitation, that few had, she was more worried about her appearance then anything else. Her husband then gave up the money he had saved for a rifle, to buy her a new dress.

But that was not enough, she still wanted a jewel. Her husband then suggested Mathilde go see her friend Mme. Louisel. So she decided to pay her friend a visit not knowing that this would make her more unhappy         One thing that made Mathilde unhappy was how she wanted things she did not have. For example a new dress, a new apartment, and a new jewel. In order to get want she wanted she visited her friend and borrowed a beautiful jewel that she could wear to that night’s occasion. When going home that night she noticed the missing weight around her neck and looked down to find that the jewel was gone. She then went out and replaced what she thought was a real jewel necklace. In doing this, her worst fear came true; she now...