"The Necklace"

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The short story The Necklace was a very stimulating piece of work. It teaches the lessons of hardships, learning not to lie, and how to pay people back. In this story, the main characters lose a supposed expensive necklace and lie until they can retrieve a brand new one to pay the owner back. After all the hard work and tough times, the couple pays off all the debts the expenses from the new necklace. All of this hard work just to find out that it was not even a real necklace that they borrowed in the first place. Now that is a very hard lesson learned, just because the couple tried to lie to the owner to save face.

Now, this story had many good qualities along with the great lesson learned. First, the couple, the Loisels, have an easy life with the exception of the wife, Mathilde, who is always dreaming of a fancier lifestyle.

Although they have all that they need, she still dreams of fancier things and more expensive household items. This is shown by the thoughts of Mathilde in the first scene when her husband comes home to,"...good old boiled beef!" and all she dreams about is the fancy things and the huge banquets they would be having if they were rich (Maupassant 5).

Originally, when they could not find the necklace, her husband had Mathilde write to her friend, "...that you broke a clasp on her necklace and that you're having it fixed. That'll give us time to look around." (Maupassant 9). Now, because of the fact that the Loisels lied to the owner, they have been forced to endure ten years of repaying debts, bills, and loans. This has caused them to appear very worn and seem like they have aged much more...