The Necklace (Altered version of Lord of The Rings) Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The Escape To Yolanda

John ran for his life. He could hear the man kicking the horse and telling it to go. He was wondering where he could go. He decided to go meet Yolanda. While he was running he came across Sam he told him to run. Sam ran with him wondering what was wrong then Sam looked back and saw the man on the horse and saw him holding a sword.

        Sam was shocked he couldn't believe his eyes he stared in horror as he ran. Sam and John ran through the woods to get to the river, which a small, wooden dock laid. They reached there and went onto a boat and paddled with all their might as they were going Sam asked, "What was that?"

"Im not really sure it seemed it was after this." John showed the necklace which was chained under his clothes.

"Of course he is after this, this is made out of the rearest things in the world." Said Sam in a shock. "So where are we going" asked Sam.

"We are going to my friend Yolanda he is wise and has a lot of courage," answered John. Sam and John headed their way through the river watching for the enemy. They rowed in the middle of the river because they're feared of anything hitting them. Suddenly the current was rising and the boat was going faster and John and Sam stopped paddling.

        Out of nowhere an arrow came storming past Sam's hair and landed in the water Sam and John started to duck. Another arrow approached as it missed John and went into the river we started to row with all of our might. The water was getting shallow and there seemed to be creatures with swords, which were...