Ned Kelly

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Ned Kelly

A lot of people define the words hero and villain in many different ways. Webster's dictionary defines a hero as "one that shows great courage". Webster's dictionary also defines the word villain as "a person or thing blamed for a particular evil or difficulty". In the movie Ned Kelly, Ned Kelly was depicted as what Webster's dictionary would define as a villain. But some people would look deeper and try to say he was a hero. I would have to say that Ned Kelly was not so much as a hero but as a villain.

        In the movie Ned Kelly I would say that Ned Kelly was a villain. I think this way for many reasons. For example Ned Kelly was a villain because he went around stealing things from other people. In movies like Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood was portrayed as a hero and he would steal from the rich and evil.

But the difference between him and Ned Kelly was that he would give it back to the poor and unfortunate. It seamed like he really only stole to survive, but still he could have worked like any other person and paid for It.

        I also saw Ned Kelly as a villain because he killed people. Yes the killing was out of self defense the first few times. He did try to go around and show people that he wasn't a mean ruthless person after his first killings. He did this with a stand up. On December 10, 1878, the Kelly gang invaded a station property near Euroa, 27 miles west of Benalla. Twenty-two people at the sheep-station were rounded up and locked in a storeroom. Then, leaving Joe Byrne to guard the prisoners, Ned, Dan and Steve Hart drove into Euroa in...