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Edward Kelly was born the son of Irish immigrants in Beveridge, Victoria, in 1854 and from the moment he set foot on this earth he was programmed to rebel against the greater good.

Being born into a family of immigrants deported from there home land for commiting petty crimes they immigrated to Australia and were given a selection by the government.

Ned Kelly started off with petty crimes a harassment charge here and a horse stealing charge there, the crimes that they had committed were insignificant compared to what he would later accomplish. This man you all call a hero began venturing further into the rabbit hole of lies and deceit stealing horses and reselling them as his own. Their exploits soon became known to the police and when his mother was sentenced to three years in jail for attempted murder; Ned Kelly and his soon to be gang fled into the bush.

If Ned Kelly was to return to the 21st century to relive his short but fascinating career, this "horse thief", "bank robber", "cop killer" and reluctant hero would almost certainly be in the category of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden on US President George Bush's "axis of evil" hit list. John Howard would declare war, mobilizing the biggest police operation in the history of the country, in order to "liberate" the people of north-eastern Victoria from the scourge of the evil Kelly Gang.

Rumors would be spread of the gang's hidden arsenal of revolving rifles and the possession of high-tech "bullet deflection equipment"; an $8 million reward would be offered by the US government for the capture, "dead or alive", of these outlaws.

The media's and the British government's hype in Victoria in the late 1870s, at the height of the Kelly gang's infamy, was not...