Ned Kelly: The true story.

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Born in 1855 to a convict family, Edward Kelly, known to his friends as Ned, was brought up in a vengeful family who believed they had been wronged by the police and were dertermined to get square with them. Soon enough Kelly began to see things their way.

In 1870 at the age of just 15, Kelly became an accomplice to escaped convict, and known bushranger, Harry Power. As Powers offsider, Kelly took part in numerous highway robberies; holding Powers horse to allow them a quick getaway. On the 5th of May 1855 Kelly was arrested, and charged with 'highway robbery under arms'. However this charge was dissmised for lack of evidence. Still, the police had Kelly remanded stating that he had been concerned in a highway robbery under arms with Power. And so he was held in custody untill 23rd of June when the case was again dismissed, and Kelly released.

Several months later Kelly was changed and convicted with assulting a neighbour and another charge arising from the same incident and was sentenced to three months on each charge. Soon after being released, an now 16 year old Kelly was convicted of recieving a stolen horse and was senteced to three years hard labour.

Following his release from Pentridge Goal, Kelly was a deperado, with a huge chip on his shoulder. From that moment he was at war with those he thought had ruined his life, the Victorain Police.

On the 15th of April 1878 Constable Alexander Fitzpatick arrived at the Kelly family home seeking Edward's younger brother Daniel Kelly. An arguement arose and Fitzpatickwas injured by, in his claim, both Kelly brothers, and their mother Ellen Kelly. This incident led to the incarceration of Mrs Kelly, and a warrant for the arrest of both Daniel and...