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A Ned is difficult to really define in one word. For an extremely long time I believed Neds to only be a Scottish phenonomen. However I have met many different people from many different places over the last two years and this has assured me that Ned's are not specific only to Scotland. In other parts of Britain they are tagged as "townies" or "scally's" or simply as yobs. However, it is undisputable that the Glasgow Ned is a very refined breed.

        To begin with we have to distinguish what exactly a Ned is. The word "Ned" itself actually stands for Non-Educated Delinquent. However, not all non-educated delinquents are Ned's. Ned's are always working class, always non-educated and always poor. However, it is VERY important to note that this is not a stereotype of poor, uneducated working class people, and, most importantly, not all poor or uneducated or working class people are Ned's.

Ned's want to stand out from any existing stereotypes, including their social class, and they want to be categorised. In order to do this they have developed a very specific way of dressing, talking and interacting with the rest of the world. By doing this they have created their own label, which is impossible to attach to any other kind of person in Glasgow. Many people who do not understand Ned's believe them just to be a product of the working class. Yet this is not true. They have their own culture and are different from any other groups of people in the whole world.



Ned's have a uniform, which they stick to religiously. The reason for this is still unknown, a complete mystery to anybody who is not a Ned. One theory is that Ned's know that they are not as hard or...