The Need For Canada Confederation

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What makes Canada today? Was it the help from Britain whenever the united States treated Canada badly? Or was it the Canadien¡¦s will to keep their culture? No, it wasn¡¦t any of that, it was because in the mid-1800s, colonies in Canada right now, united themselves, they united into many provinces. Here is why they did it.

        One reason for the confederation was because of the United States, because Canada was a British colony, the US hated Canada for that. That is so because in the American Civil War, the British helped the south, yet the north won, so after the war, the north was seeking blooding from the British. The US also wanted to invade Canada because of manifest destiny, they think that Americans have the God-given right to rule all of North America.

However, if the colonies were united, they would not have to fear the US as much because if they were together, it would help pay for a railway network that would help defense and trade for Canada.

The railway would help Canada¡¦s defense because it could transport troops easily and it would help trade by transporting goods around provinces.

Canada needed the railway for trade because of an economy/ trade problem that was cause when the US canceled the Reciprocity treaty. With the treaty, Canada could trade with the US with without the worry of tariffs. So, if the colonies were united, the inter colonies tariffs would be gone and , as talked about above, the railway would be build causing all the money problems making everyone happy.

All in all, the transport and economy problems in the colonies were the main reason for the need to unite the colonies and without them being united, I may not be living in Canada today.