The Need of a Godfather/mentor in today's highly competetive world.

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A godfather/Mentor is essential for all people, more for the especially ambitious ones. None of us are created perfect. We all depend on the society to certain aspects, for support or for respect, we all need one another and the same goes without saying for our careers. Of course, when a person has reached a stage of having no further ambition this need of a mentor ceases. But, until then we do need someone as our backer to help us and promote us in our chosen path.

A mentor is generally a person who is already well established in our chosen career, and is willing to help us make our mark in the same. They promote us in the influential circles of our career motivate us to do more and push us to achieve our goals. This is seen most notably among Lawyers, doctors, politicians and in celebrity but is just as important in all other fields.

In this age of cut-throat competition, all of us need that 'something extra' to make us stand out in our careers, and this 'something extra' comes as a package deal of mentoring. Being mentored well sets us on our path to achieve glory and success in our professional life. Finding a good mentor is basically therefore half the battle won. Mentoring serves as a tool, firstly, to impart the knowledge gained from one generation to another, secondly, as a tool to getting to know the skin of our careers and thirdly, to develop our full potential in our chosen career.

The world today is swamped with '15 minutes of fame' seekers, still only a handful of celebrities are known or stay known. This is not because that the former has no dedication or talent but rather because the latter has promoters (mentors). If...