The Need For Higher Education

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Probably one of the most significant social norms in this country is the need, actually it's more of requirement to have a higher education. Higher education in this country is looked up on as a must do, it is a necessary element in being successful in this world. The requirement to attend college, and a significant college at that is a must do in this society, and for many of the people who do not, it will plague them for the rest of their lives.

        During a high school student's senior year, that student has the choice to continue onto a higher level of education than he is at or go straight into the working world. A college or university is that higher level and can be very expensive. Many people do not go to college because they can not afford it, or they need to start work immediately to support their families.

This is not a very beneficial choice for many, because most significantly paying jobs require a bachelors degree or above to be hired. Thus, they will be paid a low wage, and when the college graduate gets a job out of college he will probably make more the first year than the other guys did all four years he was in college combined. It's a essential to being successful, CEO's, boards, presidents and managers want a extremely intelligent educated person working for them, not a person with solely a high school diploma.

        Not only is it important to attend college to be successful, but the college someone attends is extremely important. Everywhere a person goes through his life, every job he may apply for, there is always one common question. "What college did you attend?" Investors want smart people to run their companies, business owners want hard...