Need to be Innovative in the Market or Service

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Today's automotive industry demonstrates how political and environmental pressures impact innovation trends. There are fears of global warming that ride high on government manifestoes and rising oil prices are affecting the spending power of car owners around the world. Car washers now need to make further advancements in the field of cleaning cars whilst remaining environmentally conscious if they want to compete favorably. As environmental concerns and legislation by the government threaten economic validity of traditional methods of car cleaning, cleaners are already investing in the development of more environment friendly methods. In Europe, they are now increasing investment in eco-friendly designs of carwash. The industry has become highly active in terms of advancing technology, as it seeks to meet the needs of a changing market (Cooper & Edgett 2008, pp. 56-60).

One of the greatest importances of innovation in this industry is that it creates meaning by developing meaningful products, projects and services for long term success since innovation is all about improving people's lives and making them more productive.

It enables planning for where a business wants to be in the long term not just looking for ways to make money fast. It enables a business think about why it wants to do something, consider the starting point, what it is good at and what might get in the way of its success. Innovations do not limit a business just incremental changes of what it already does but rather it makes it look ahead and think about what kinds of problems could be solved or needs met by new ways of doing things. This involves thinking outside the box and stresses on the need to be prepared (Cooper & Edgett 2008, pp. 56-60).

Techniques for Developing ProductsProduct development is the whole process of bringing a new product or...