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With the given situation of a new job and a new plant, the method choice for assessment would be the focus groups. As compared to the other methods, this was found most suitable for the circumstances being as it had more advantages than disadvantages for the scenario. The advantages of using this method for the company's needs assessment are: (1) The method is found useful with complex issues and with a new position and a new company, the face-to-face meeting with subject-matter experts would be necessary in constructing a needs assessment for a new training program. (2) Questions are modified to foresee and consider any unanticipated issues that may poise as a future obstacle. The assessment is based on speculating what the needs are going to be and not what they already are. And with the listed disadvantages, two are automatically disregarded on the basis that this organization is a new one and group members attending are also new and this makes the focus meeting a non-threatening one.

The new construction of the team dissolves the possibility of being misinformed on job performances, and team members are more willing to contribute sincere information. For a decent assessment the consumption of time or the utilization of a skilled specialist are essential.

Upper-Level Management in the Needs Assessment.

The second part of the needs assessment analysis, 'who' the training exists for, was traditionally left up to the trainer to decide. But with the changes in the marketplace, a competitive advantage required more from the training process than just the basic skills development. Incorporating upper-management into the assessment process ensures a broader perspective and lines up the training and development goals with that of the company. When evaluating for a needs assessment, the management levels seek the answers for different inquires. The subordinate...