Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement

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IntroductionBaderman Island Resort is a hotel and resort on 750 acres of land near the City of Kelsey. With 1600 acres left to develop, Baderman has much opportunity for improvement. Based on a survey from the resort blog, four areas need improvement. The area of flooding carries the most impact in the blogs. The floods cause blackouts at the resort regularly, leaving guests and hotel personnel without electricity, causing meals to be ill-prepared, inaccessibility to the Internet and online reservations, inaccessibility to phone lines, slowing tourist transportation: the trolley and the train (which are the only means of transportation allowed on the island), and slowing mail and currency exchange processes. Because these areas are impacted by the flooding and Baderman management is still in the construction phase of the island recommendations will be made to management for building controls all around the island to stop the river from overflowing on the land.

A review follows regarding the steps to be taken to present the plan, a description of Baderman’s strategic plan and how this improvement plan will affect internal and external customers, an explanation of the quality management tool to be used to present the data and analyze the process, an estimated level of improvement that could be realized, the value of implementing this process improvement plan, and the relevance of the process improvement plan as compared to the simulation activity in the syllabus.

Description of ProcessThe process that has been chosen is the flooding issue that has been taken place at theBaderman Island Resort that is a private island in the City of Kelsey. The flooding was analyzed resulting in two ideas to present to the reconstruction board of Baderman regarding funds to reconstruct the island. The first idea is to build a dam by the Baderman acreage to...