The negative effect of films on daily life

Essay by lp_no.9 October 2004

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Nowadays, TV channels take most of their time showing films. Films can heve both good and bad effects. As far as I'm concernend, films bring more negative effects for people, especially the youths.

Films make some negative effects on children. Because of their immaturity, what children obtain from films is nothing but obssesion from horror films. Futhermore, since children are young and innocent, they may try to repeat what they have seen, which contains sex and violence. Watching television is harmful to people's health, especially for their eyes. Scientists have proved that people watching films on television continuously are likely to have headache and backache. In addition, several hours spent in front of the screen will make people become exhausted and easily to lose their temper. Another negative influence is on the daily life, and therefore, the whole society. Films addicts tend to spend their free time to watch TV, thus, they will become tired.

Even worse, they do not socialize with anybody. Students' not dioing homework wokers' slacking off and children's daydreaming are because of overspending their time watching films.

In conclusion, instead of spending time for film, we should go out or read more. That is due to the fact that what films bring us is not as much as what they take from us.