The Negative Effects of Power Rangers

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What do you get when you mix school children playing in the yard, Power Rangers, and the first snowfall of the year? Murder. 5-year-old Silje Marie was found frozen to death in a playground in Norway after her three playmates stoned and kicked her because they were playing "Power Rangers." I argue that you should not watch The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers due to the fact that it does not provide its viewers with a realistic approach to life. Today I will provide you with a rough outline of the show, discuss how The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers perpetuates violence, promotes unrealistic expectations, and propagates racial insensitivity, and then move onto talk about the outcomes of these negative aspects of the show.

To begin, I will give you a basic rundown of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. The show revolves around a group of six teenagers who are chosen by a giant floating head named Zordon to fight alien invaders.

The alien invaders were released after a 10000 year imprisonment by two astronauts who found some form of container which turned out to be a prison belonging to the leader of the invaders known as Rita Repulsa. A typical episode of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers begins with the introduction of the new monster which Rita plans on using to take over the world. The alien begins to wreak havoc in the city and has a run-in with the Power Rangers. Due to the Alien's strength, the Power Rangers lose the first fight and they regroup to gain victory through the use of their Zords, which are giant dinosaur robots which transform to fight the villains.

Next, I will tell you how the aforementioned structure of The Mighty Morphing...