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When Europeans first began to settle in British North America, they had, had a positive impact upon Canadians, but over the years, they had an ultimately negative impact on Canadians in British North America. By bringing over disease, introducing the fur trade, and beginning religious conversion, the Europeans created this ultimately negative impact. When the first wave of European settlers came to British North America, the disease that they brought with them (not on purpose, they could not even imagine the effect that their diseases would have on the Canadians) created one of several negative impacts that they had.

        As the Europeans made contact with British North America, they brought with them different types of diseases, such as smallpox and measles, that the settlers (Canadians and Natives) had never been exposed to before. This had a negative impact because it had such a drastic effect on the people who inherited these diseases, as their immune systems had never dealt with diseases like the ones that were brought over by Europeans.

A particular Native nation, the Hurons, lost over half of the people in their tribe due to disease. Which, in turn, led to an easy defeat at the hands of the Iroquois who had more weaponry available, creating a lower population in British North America. With less people, it would be more difficult to defend their tribe and family, it would also be more difficult to gather enough food needed to survive the winter with less people. With a growing dependence upon European trade goods, the Canadians and others that needed European goods to survive, were now forced to move closer to the European settlers so that they could have an easier time accessing European goods (as people died from disease, there were less individuals to hunt and gather food...