The neglect of a carol

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A carol of neglect

In Charles Dickens's story, A Christmas Carol the main character Scrooge owns a successful business and is a very wealthy man. However, in A Christmas Carol scrooge was portrayed to be a very miserable, mean, and selfish man who isolated himself from anyone he came in contact with. Scrooge hoarded all of his money and rejected the positive emotions of the Christmas season due to the memories of his past and the reality of his present. The ghost of Marley, the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of Christmas yet to come all came to visit Scrooge. The ghost came to try to convince him to let go of his wicked ways. The Ghost of Christmas present showed Scrooge Tiny Tim who was sick son of his very own employee.

Tiny Tim not only changed Scrooge life, he changed the lives of people that lived in that specific society. In my opinion, neglect is one of the overarching themes of Charles Dickens "A Christmas carol". More specifically, the antagonist Scrooge was constantly neglected during the Christmas season throughout his childhood, as a young adult, and continued through his present day. Consequently he now has a strong distaste for the holidays. Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol as symbolism towards what he saw during the industrial revolution.

Throughout Scrooge's life, he has been neglected in which began when he was a child. This is shown when Scrooge had got a visit from the Ghost of Christmas past; the ghost took Scrooge back to an institution where he had grown up. While there, Scrooge saw his childhood friends laughing and smiling because they were going home to celebrate Christmas with their families. Nevertheless,