Negotiate with group members your own contribution to group goals and activities

Essay by dappapimp June 2007

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My contributions towards the group were that I had demonstrated good ability in conducting research individually. During this I have also demonstrated good ability in using verbal and non-verbal communication when working as a team. By using these methods I have managed to engage with fellow group members professionally where I had managed to address my topics and made the team aware around the significant into my chosen topic of Domestic Violence. Furthermore, by liaising and listening to fellow team we had understood the relevant of the topic with our individual work practices.

GoalsMy goals included exploring around the ranges of support available for DV suffers, charities which provide supports for victims and how understanding this issue more will inform the group around the challenges which we make encounter. I therefore, researched into governments and charities websites exploring into the numbers and statistics of suffers to DV and produced relevant evidence in which to address this topic.

ActivitiesDuring the presentation I had used information which had made other group members understand the severity of DV and by being informed around this topic they can also support people in these areas of needs.

1.2 Analyses your role within the group and negotiate your strengths with other group members, identifying improvement which could be made to your work practice.

My task for the presentation included using researched information around the cultural differences in Domestic Violence. For example, where some communities seen this practice as norm and where victims can also include male, looking around the challenges which social workers face and how these matter are dealt with by the current legislations in order to support victims of violence.

StrengthsMy strengths within the group setting where that I had used good body language when engaging with my team members, this included eye contact...