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Neighborhood watch Prevents crime Neighborhood Watch is one of the most efficient ways to stop crime. It protects home a personal safety. Crime watch as slimed the crime rate down. In 1972 NSA (National Sheriffs Association) developed a similar program to the neighborhood watch. This is one of the largest crime avoidance in the nation.         This project improves neighborhoods and allows comfort in the residents.

        Some Benefits of having a watch program is to: Deter criminal Actions. It develops a sense of confidence and lessens the fear of crime, Creates bonds with neighbors or friends. It reduces the risk of becoming a criminal. It teaches residents how to detect and report activities in your community.

        1 in 8 Americans said that they were scared to walk their streets this year than last year, 1in 5 Americans canceled their activities because of fear. 3 out of 10 said violence is a big problem where they live.

One n 4 Americans volunteer in activities. 6 out of ten people participate in programs in their community.

        It is important that we help prevent these problems on our streets. If you have time, and your neighborhood doesn't have a program you can start one in your community.

        And talk about the problems or issues about your community.

        There are many Things you can do to help your community. Foot patrols- are people that cover both sides of the street.

Mobile Patrols "“ can are the same as foot patrols but can cover more area and use a car or any automobile.

And Bicycle patrols. These are just a few of all the things you can do for your community.

        Safety is a big key to our lives. We need to Protect our streets and our children, elders, and even your life. This is why there are...