Neighborhood Watch of Arlington

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We are conducting a research study program in hopes of understanding and determining if the hat was implemented for the town of () has had any kind of effect on the mass volume of complaints that have been received in this town. They have been complaining of the deviant behavior, suspicious behavior as well as the crimes. My team and I will be going over and measuring the results through survey research and case study methods. It has been proven that these are some of the best ways in achieving one’s approach to a research problem. This can also serve as a guide to the systematic collection of data. During the process of collecting the information that is necessary for research, we will be able to determine how effective this program really is.

First thing we need to do is to form teams with specific goals by using survey research methods to gather the information needed for conclusions that the team will make later.

The goals are to scope out different areas and to ask citizens of this town several different questions. These citizens will include homeowners, renters, property managers, and tenants. We will have these citizens rank from on a 1 to 10 scale, their thoughts on the amount of crime, and the amount of gang violence that they noticed before the neighborhood watch program took effect. Our teams will also conduct a research survey to the higher authority and ask them to rank the amount of phone calls they would receive daily before the program and as well as after the program. This will also help with our research in helping to determine if the program is effective. There will be many different methods of effort put forward with this. We will be contacting citizens by email, phone,